It is here – in Restaurant 19 – that golfers can rest between rounds. Here they will also complain about unfriendly weather or uncooperative clubs.... Visitors pop into the ‘Nineteen’ for a quick morning coffee or freshly baked yeast cake. Guests who wish to stay here a little longer may also feast on pork chops, home-style dumplings or grilled dishes. It is too soon for legends but in the localcommunity rumour has it that our dishes are mouth-watering (probably the best in the world), that our Russian dumplings with incredible sauce are haute cuisine and that nuggets – beloved by kids – are much tastier than in fast food restaurants. Can you believe it? It can't be simpler! Kalinowo, ul. Golfowa 1. This is where you will find us. Feel invited!

Restaurant opening hours in peak season: 8 am – 8 pm
off season: 9 am – 4 pm


Manager: Tomasz Imbiorowicz, tel. +48 505 867 881

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