18 hole course

Kalinowe Pola is a "parkland" field. Beautifully situated among forests and in the vicinity of the Niesłysz lake. In many long forest avenues, crossed by water reservoirs and varied bunkers. A wonderful oasis of peace and quiet giving the opportunity to play golf and communing with nature. The course has been designed to be a challenge for advanced golfers, playing with white tees, and at the same time gentle and interesting for beginner players starting with yellow. Kalinowe Pola is a challenge for most players. Considered by golfers not easy, but giving a lot of fun and the opportunity to compete at the highest level. During the week, available with free movement and the ability to play at any time of the season. If you want to play on the weekend, you must be vigilant and make prior booking of entry into the field. A lot of golfers visiting our club, our club members and foreign guests. We suggest making reservations through the golfbooking portal. The designer of the field and its contractor is Marek Sokolowski. A trainer, player and co-founder of the PGA Polska.

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