It is said that golf is not an easy sport to learn. However, it is also said that if you feel the proverbial bug, you will master only the basics of this game, you will want to stay on the golf course from morning to evening, and your ambition will not let you give up continuous improvement of this game. In Kalinowe Pola we will always meet your ambitions, plans and dreams. We organize courses and training at every level of the game. The first step in training is a course on Green card. It's a golf driving license, without which you will not get to play on a large field. We organize such courses in groups, setting dates for meetings in Kalinowe Pole or individually, and then you set everything with the trainer yourself. If you already reach the level of play of your friends, and you have the ambition to catch up with the best among our clubbers, we will offer you a refresher course. If you weren't enough, and probably it will be, because golf draws in and you will quickly find out about it will remain for you individual lessons with our trainers. You will agree everything at the club reception on tel. 515 292 034.